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INSOMNIAC AUSTIN Premiered July 3, 2003. THURSDAY 9C. Hope you saw the Scarlot Harlot take out Dave Attell!!!! See photos


Scarlot Harlot, Dave Attel, Dinah-mite
& Trouble. Photo by Beau Been.


scarlot harlot attacks dave attel . scarlot harlot appears on the main  web page of comedy central

July 3, 2003 : Austin, Texas

Scarlot Harlot attacks Comedian Dave Attel

Scarlot Harlot appears on Comedy Central Web Site with nemesis Dave Attel of Insomniac. Scarlot's mother was so please to see her daughter attacking a comedian on Comedy Central later that evening with a giant hole in her pantyhose.

Scarlot blind sighted Dave knocking him to the ground. Dave had a choke hold on Scarlot by the time a pack of wild rollergirls tore them apart. It was freaking vicious and many microphones were lost.

SEE THE VIDEO WITHOUT THE FIGHT!!!! Dave Attel where the hell is that fight!???


*View the footage INCLUDING the crazy ass fight on Insomniac with Dave Attel 4th Season DVD (Netflix) or you can see new footage in the documentary, Hell on Wheels, a documentary by Bob Ray and Werner Campbell that premiered at SXSW 2007.
Read about it in Rollergirl : totally true tales from the track. See photos

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