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Groovee Fortune
is a multimedia studio in Austin, Tx specializing in web/print design & multimedia education. Founded by Beth Been in 1995, we've been watching the internet since its inception and have a wealth of knowledge about cyberspace and beyond.

Striving to promote its clients thru its own web presence, Groovee Fortune enjoys working with artists, musicians, entertainers, small business owners or other creative professionals and is extremely proud of all the fantastic folks we've worked with thru the years. Desktop publishing, photography, print or web design...if you have a vision, let Groovee Fortune bring those abstract ideas to life.

Check out our services, see some great art, find out about roller derby, what's up with music...


Austin Chronicle describes Groovee Fortune best.

2005 Best of Austin Chronicle
: Local Web Designer
2004-2008 Webby Awards : Judge
2004 AVN Media Network : Site of the Week
2003 SXSW Web Site Competition : Finalist


Some day soon you'll need a web page.
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